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Class Offerings


Acro-Jazz Newstarz

  Ages 2 - 6 years old

For those who have little to no dance or tumbling experience. This class focuses on building strength and flexibility to learn tricks (forward/backward rolls, cartwheels) as well as intro to jazz dancing.

  • Offered Saturday's 9:15-10:15am. 1 hour.

Acro-Jazz Level II Starz

  Ages 9 - 13 years old (Competition Class, based on skill level)

Similar to an intermediate level class. The focus is on improving technique in jazz dance and acro. It also emphasizes contortion and learning new tricks. This class is for you if you have a basic to solid base in jazz dance or acro.

  • Offered Saturday's 10:15-11:45am. 1 1/2 hours.

Shooting Starz

  Ages 4 and up (Ballet-Technique Class)

This is an all ages technique class. We focus on Ballet the first half hour. Strength training and injury prevention  exercises are completed in the second half hour.

  • Offered Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm. 1 hour.

Future Starz

Ages 13 months- 24 months

A 30 minute parent and me class teaching the very basics to our future starz! Your little one will enjoy basic balance, dance, and of course jumping with puppies and scarves!

  • Coming Summer 2020. Offered Saturdays 9:15-9:45am. 30 minutes

Acro-Jazz Level I Starz

 Ages 6 - 9 years old

· This class focuses on perfecting the basics in jazz dance, introducing contortion and building on base tricks. This class is for you if you have a cartwheel, forward/backward roll or handstand and little to basic dance training.

  • Coming Summer 2020 Offered TBD.

Tap Starz

 Ages 4 and up.

An all levels tap dance class. Both barre work and across the floor work are emphasized. Progressions/small combinations will be taught once a month.

  • Coming Fall 2020. Offered TBD.  

Supreme Starz

  Ages 13 and up (Competition Class, based on skill level)

· This class relates to an advanced acro class. It focuses on improving learned skills (ie back handsprings, side aerials)  and creating contortion combinations. Should have a strong jazz, or lyrical dance background.

  • Coming Fall 2020. Offered TBD.


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